Who we are:
Davenport - Garners Lane, Devenport, SK3 8QS

Minister: Rev. Lindsay Kemp

Regular Service: Sunday at 10:45
a bit about us:

As a church, we believe that God’s love is for everyone and that all can be saved through faith in Jesus.  We want to share the Good News of Jesus and be a place of worship for those who are seeking God and who want to respond to Him in their lives. We are by no means perfect,but we are journeying together and trying to learn more about God – isHe calling you to join us?

We are a small and welcoming church, with easy access to the building and appropriate facilities forthose with mobility difficulties or for those who have visual and/or hearing impairments. There are a small number of parking bays at the side of the church building, but most people park on Garners Lane itself.

We try to vary worship as much as possible, as we understand that God speaks to people in different ways. Except for designated Sundays where worship is “All-age”, there is a Junior and Teen Church for the youngest members of God’s family. There are also some mid-week groups,such as Uniformed Organisations and Bible Study.


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