A Day of Prayer

Manchester & Stockport Methodist District

You are invited to join in with a


District Day of Prayer and Fasting

13:00 on Saturday 10th September


13:00 on Sunday 11th September


As last year, circuits, churches and individuals are invited to join   in a day on which we will focus particularly on 
prayer together. Everyone will join in different ways, but you are    invited to plan something in your own context. 
It might be:

· Prayer stations in your church

· A prayer walk around your neighbourhood

· A watchnight or vigil service

· A Sunday service focusing on prayer

· A prayer meeting

· Inviting friends to pray in your own home

· Commit to pray individually 5 times during the day

· A 24 hour prayer event

Our theme will be

Praying for All-Sorts

We will turn our prayers outwards to pray for the many and 
diverse people who live around us, in our neighbourhoods, and in the  global village. The focus of prayer could include:

· Racial Justice Sunday

· Refugee Action

· World Church connections

· Inter-faith relationships

· People who are excluded within our own neighbourhoods

· For our churches to be open and inclusive

· …

Further information and resources will be available in due 
course, but you don’t have to wait for that. Talk together, 
decide what you’re going to do, and let everyone know by posting your plans on the Facebook page:



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